We do all the scheduling for you.  We contact and schedule your movers.  We schedule your move-in date with new apartment, condo or home.  And, if there is any disposal of furnishings needed we will put you in touch with the appropriate service.


Furniture placement in the new home is a priority, but just as important are your things.  Is there enough cabinet, closet and storage space to accommodate what you need?  We will assist you with ALL of this!

complete set up

Not only will you get a floor plan to scale of your new home, but you will walk in on completion day to a new home that is beautifully accessorized with pictures and mirrors hung, beds made, kitchen and baths put away, and all paper and boxes disposed.

A Visual of our process

Sometimes it is hard to get a visual of all the services we provide. Here's hoping this video will help.

Your New Home is Drawn to Scale

Relocation Service

  • Preview current and new locations
  • Inventory furniture and household goods and accessories
  • Evaluate service needs such as: packers, movers and other contractors
  • Provide custom-designed floor plan to accommodate individual needs
  • Provide expertise and assistance downsizing and sorting household
  • Coordinate and Schedule and Supervise reputable packers and movers
  • Assist in the disposition of unneeded items
  • Unpack new household
  • Set up and Accessorize for immediate occupancy


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